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Professional Appreciators
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Welcome to the Community of Professional Appreciators.
The only Prerequisite for joining this community is that you LOVE music.
Not just LIKE it, not just listen to the Top 20.
And want to share you love of music and opinions with the world.
All music lovers are welcomed and encourage to post a review on the Tune o tha week, Which i will personally select as the weeks review.
Suggestions for good possible review songs will be taken- and possibly an ON DECK list will be created for songs of the up coming week.
If this works out- expect more features or songs to be available per week (operating on limited bandwidth so donations of a meager amount of space, around 10 MB or more- would be very cool.)
Have fun and tell the world what you think!!

I have to add this by law - to protect this potential cool experiement from getting the wrong vibe.
THE STANDARD MP3 Law applies in here.
If you don't own the album the song comes from,
your required by law to delete the track within 24 hours.
REMEMBER THE COPYRIGHT LAW, and please- if you REALLY dig the track- feel free to email me, and i'll tell you more about the artist- what the best album is in my opinion, and more.

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